MAGTEC For Security

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Your Virtual Watch Dog

You’re responsible for your customers’ cargo and your fleet. Your cargo and assets are a target for thieves. MAGTEC, your secret weapon, gives you an ultimate command and control system providing complete supremacy over anyone who tries to steal that precious cargo or your trucks.

All Day, Every Day

To protect cargo and your fleet, you need access to information. MAGTEC’s MCC (Mobile Command and Control) web-based software, provides real time 24/7 access to all of your fleet’s information. Our innovative  technology returns the power and control to you so you can:

  • Secure your fleet
  • Improve emergency response times
  • Erase after hours usage
  • Increase productivity and drive accountability
  • Exert full control over fleet in real time

Tracking Alone Doesn’t Cut It

In your business, security is crucial. Cargo moves from one highly secured facility to another highly secured facility, leaving it vulnerable while in transit. Depending on drivers to act as security guards provides a false sense of security. Those relying on easily defeated ignition switches and padlocks continue to experience losses.

You’re there to ensure losses don’t happen. Once MAGTEC is installed on your fleet vehicles, you know exactly where those assets and cargo are. Then we give you even more power. MAGTEC’s technology can confirm who is driving and remotely stop a vehicle safely anywhere worldwide, providing you with total security for your fleet and cargo.

But Don't Take Our Word For It.

We increased our business by over two-and-half times, thanks to MAGTEC

Tom Glaser / Former President and COO, Celadon Group

We want to be on top of the game. Our theft ratio is now zero with MAGTEC

Bruce Wishart / Celadon Group

We want to offer more than what average carriers can. MAGTEC does that.

Gary Hanke / Pegasus Transportation

Thanks to MAGTEC our clients are asking us to take more loads.

Don Zielinski / EPES Transportation