MAGTEC For Safety

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No Longer Just An Illusion

Knowledge is power, but it’s no good to you if you can’t do anything with it. You also need to have control. Speed management means more than just reports. MAGTEC’s SafeSpeed is the ONLY solution on the market that does more than report speed; it also allows you to remotely control it, fleet wide. Is it magic? No, it’s MAGTEC.

SafeSpeed puts you back in the driver’s seat, ensuring you not only have the information, you can do something with it.

At Your Fingertips

With MAGTEC’s SafeSpeed, you have more than information; you have the capability to act on it. Now you can remotely set, control and geo-fence maximum speeds, in real time. Adjust the speed limit settings of any vehicle within minutes. All from behind your desk.

Complete control is just a mouse click away.

  • Exert speed control over fleet in real time
  • Eliminate speeding
  • Restrict speed in specific locations using geofences
  • Enhance operational efficiencies
  • Enhance driver safety
  • Reduce fuel cost

Pinpoint The Problem

You also need to know where the issues lie. Gain insight into individual driver behaviour. Find out who has poor driving habits and who may need more training. With MAGTEC, you receive instant email/text alerts about:

  • Excessive speeding or idling
  • Harsh braking, harsh cornering, harsh acceleration
  • Impact detection
  • Seat belt usage
  • After-hours usage