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By January 1, 2015c_Learn

Food and Beverage Theft 

Trucks hauling expensive cargo have become “driving smorgasbords” to thieves. Fleet operators must be diligent in their safety and security measures. The losses are staggering, and cannot be ignored.

In 2014, the average loss value per incident for all product types was just over 320 thousand dollars. Food and Beverage theft is rising with the problem going even deeper. The losses add up substantially, with recovered food and beverage products usually being destroyed, and products with the same batch numbers already in distribution, often recalled and also destroyed. Product loss is just the start. There are recovery costs, replacement costs, deductibles and increased insurance premiums and of course, a company’s reputation. It is estimated that cargo loss costs shippers and transportation companies approximately 30 billion dollars annually.

Fleet operators need an advanced vehicle security and control system that detects, deters and delivers.

This is where MAGTEC’s vehicle security technology steps in and puts the power in the hands of the fleet operators with complete asset control and security.

With MAGTEC’s solution in place, the driver must enter a personal PIN number to operate the vehicle. Any security threats to PIN numbers can be instantly addressed remotely.


As for the fleet, MAGTEC has that covered with one centralized system. Fleet operators can be alerted with immediate notifications to any unwanted or suspicious activities. All trucks can be tracked and located anywhere, anytime and shut down remotely using MAGTEC’s Acceleration Control System.

And even though criminals are becoming smarter and more hi-tech, MAGTEC’s systems are difficult to detect, and even more difficult to disable. Any tampering will instantly alert dispatch resulting in the truck being shut down immediately.

When high-value cargo demands vehicle security and control systems, go with MAGTEC, an industry leader.

MAGTEC’s advanced technology puts the control back in the hands of fleet operators by allowing them to slow down drivers, keep drivers on route, shut down idling trucks and stop rogue drivers. That saves money on insurance premiums, fuel costs and a company’s carbon footprint. How’s that for a noticeable return on investment!