MAGTEC Acceleration Control System

By March 25, 2015c_Learn

Acceleration Control System – It’s all in how you control it

You may not think it, but having complete control is good…even great…when you’re talking about a fleet of vehicles.

MAGTEC’s technology is ground breaking in its’ features and benefits. As an industry leader in vehicle safety and security, MAGTEC’s Onboard Control System (OCS) is revolutionary. Now, fleet managers have the control they need to run an effective and profitable operation.

Every driver has a unique PIN that must be entered to operate a truck equipped with MAGTEC’s OCS system, which ensures only authorized personnel can operate fleet vehicles. At the exact time the PIN is entered, the fleet operator knows who’s driving and the location of the truck. If for any reason the truck has to be shutdown, the power of MAGTEC’s patented Acceleration Control System (ACS) responds instantly. From dispatch, a shutdown command is sent wirelessly and received by the truck. The driver is safely informed by an audible tone from the keypad, and will still have 30 seconds to make their way to the shoulder of the road. Once activated the safe step down process removes the driver’s ability to maintain speed or accelerate, but because the engine remains running, the driver retains the ability to steer and brake to ensure safety. MAGTEC’s ACS system continues to control the speed of the vehicle, and when it reaches 10 mph, the driver has a predetermined amount of time to bring the vehicle to a full stop before a complete shutdown. This slow shutdown sequence gives the driver the amount of time needed to find a safe location to park.

If terrain becomes an issue during the shutdown procedure, the intuitive ACS system can sense variable terrain and react by aborting shutdown and return control to the driver. Once the terrain becomes safe, the ACS will continue the shutdown process.

MAGTEC is driven to revolutionize the vehicle safety and control industry, and their Acceleration Control System is proof that they are delivering innovative technology everyday. It’s a control freaks dream come true.