By December 9, 2014c_Learn

Powerful ROI can’t be ignored

Every Fleet Manager looks out in the yard and understands the importance every vehicle has to the company’s bottom line.

It’s a huge responsibility to ensure these investments are looked after. So when they decide to take the next step with safety, security and control of their vehicles, ROI will always be top of mind.

MAGTEC puts control back in the hands of every Fleet Manager, with solutions that target ROI hotspots.

Target #1 – Fuel costs

Fuel is a necessity, you can’t avoid paying for it but you can reduce the amount your fleet uses, and save money. With MAGTEC technology, you can limit the maximum speed of vehicles, and adjust at any time to adapt to specific jurisdictions. Gone are the days when limiters were manually calibrated.

Excessive idling is another factor that results in escalating fuel costs. Not with MAGTEC. Their technology allows Fleet Managers to remotely set the maximum idle time for every truck. Even a slight adjustment to the idle time can reduce fuel costs per truck, by thousands every year.

Target #2 – Increased Safety

Fleet Managers do everything they can to ensure the safety of their drivers and cargo. Still, you have to consider the human factor of transporting cargo. Incidents will happen, and although steps can be put in place to limit the human factor, MAGTEC can offer options never seen before in the industry.

The minute the driver sits in the truck they enter a control environment. Drivers must first enter a unique PIN number to operate the vehicle and that information is received by MAGTEC’s Mobile Command & Control platform so Fleet Managers know who is behind the wheel and where they are going. This enables them to immediately act in the event of unauthorized driver behavior. These unique PINs also act as a deterrent for thieves as they must be entered to operate the truck.

The technology MAGTEC can equip Fleet Managers with is an industry game changer. It offers the peace of mind that comes with 24/7 control, and of course the kind of ROI that can’t be ignored.