MAGTEC Speed and Idle Management

By December 9, 2014c_Learn

It’s SIMple… 

SIM – Speed and Idle Management

To govern speed on a vehicle is not new, what sets MAGTEC apart is that we can control this remotely through our MCC™ platform and have our system manage the maximum speed of the vehicle. So you can, in a matter of seconds adjust a truck on the other side of the continent instead of having them physically come in, plug in and make adjustments.  With MAGTEC you can make an adjustment from 65 mph down to 60 mph in a matter of minutes across the entire fleet. By reducing speed by a couple of miles an hour, you can reduce fuel cost considerably.

In fact, a fleet of 100 long haul trucks could save in excess of a half a million dollars worth of fuel with just a minor adjustment.

MAGTEC’s SIM, easily presents excessive and unnecessary idling. Preprogramming tells the vehicle to turn off after a set period of idling time. Again, saving fuel and the environment. If a driver exceeds the maximum speed allowed on the vehicle, the keypad will flash and emit an audible tone to alert the driver and will remain until speed is reduced. If a driver does not reduce speed after 10 seconds, the keypad will flash faster, along with the audible tone for 5 seconds, after which the driver will be unable to accelerate or maintain speed. With MAGTEC’s SIM, you are able to customize settings to adjust to fuel prices, or specific driver behavior especially if they have been reported as being reckless.

MAGTEC’s Speed and Idle Management system puts the control back into the hands of the Fleet Operator to ensure driver safety and manage fuel costs.