Public Transportation Fleet Management And Security

By March 24, 2015c_Learn

Public Transportation Fleet Management And Security – Getting Serious About Public Safety

The wheels on the bus may go round and round, but it’s not a game when we’re talking about public safety and security.

More and more people are choosing public transit to get to work, school and as a necessity. In the United States alone, the American Public Transportation Association estimates that 16 million people ride public transportation for work and according to the American School Bus Society, over 26 million students choose public transportation…(although they may not like it) And unfortunately, public transportation can attract negative attention. There is an element of violence, even terrorism that cannot be ignored. Every transit agency is hyper aware of the need for a high degree of public safety. Monitoring and controlling buses at all times is the only way to ensure both passenger and public safety. The proven solution is MAGTEC’s Advanced Vehicle Security and Control system.

Control is placed in the hands of transit officials, full control…24/7 including who starts the bus, where the bus is, how fast the bus is going and where the bus is going! MAGTEC takes control one-step further by allowing transit officials to control the bus while on route with Geo Fencing. This technology allows pre-set routes to be installed, with immediate alerts if the bus veers off the route. When public safety is critical, MAGTEC’s Advanced Security Systems allow immediate and complete control. Transit officials can locate, track, remotely shutdown and immobilize buses anytime, anywhere. MAGTEC’s technology is so secure, The Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration agree that it is not only quick and reliable, but the shutdown and immobilization method is safe and predictable.

There are a few reasons why public transportation fleet Management and security is important. Now, law enforcement can act quickly and effectively to secure the bus if a violent incident occurs. Safe. Secure. In control. At all times. If you have to ask if your buses are safe, they aren’t.

And there’s a bonus to incorporating MAGTEC’s Advanced Security System in your fleet…lower fuel costs, reduced insurance premiums and deductibles and you can show your green side with a reduced carbon footprint.