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Who Are We?

MAGTEC started by stopping the theft of jeeps during Operation Desert Storm in Iraq. Today, we specialize in developing and manufacturing commercial vehicle control systems specifically designed for the light duty, transit, trucking and heavy equipment industries.

MAGTEC’s preventive-based technology and web-based application MCC (Mobile Command and Control) addresses challenges associated with security, driver management, safety, asset protection and prevention of cargo theft. MAGTEC’s headquarters are in Calgary, Alberta and we operate two wholly owned subsidiaries, MAGTEC Products (USA), Inc. and MAGTEC Asia, Inc.

Information Is Power

To do your job well, you need the right information about your fleet and drivers at the right time. Unfortunately, that information lives in an ever-increasing mess of disconnected systems and applications prone to human error (or worse, neglect). MAGTEC solves that problem by enforcing your operational and security measures around the clock in one intuitive platform.

We Don’t Blink

Take a moment to think about the people your fleet relies on–your drivers and remote field staff.   Are they speeding?  Are they leaving vehicles idling for hours?  Are the right people actually driving?

Now think about where that information comes from.  What if the answers to those questions were automatically tracked and enforced from your desk, in real time?   MAGTEC makes that a reality. With MAGTEC, you’re provided with all the information you need, 24/7.


Reduce your fleet fuel consumption

Enforce driver compliance

Mitigate your risk exposure

Eliminate asset and cargo theft.

It’s Not Magic, It’s MAGTEC.