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Measure What Matters

ROI. You want it. And you want to see proof before you implement any new technology. MAGTEC offers our fleet partners a significant, tangible and immediate ROI. From eliminating cargo and asset thefts to reducing fuel and maintenance costs, MAGTEC leads the market with unmatched operational improvement technology for our fleet clients worldwide.

Connect And Control

The only way your business survives is if you are in control. Real time 24/7 access to your fleet’s activities is vital. You can’t afford to be in the dark. Your bottom line depends on knowing what is happening with your assets and running an efficient organization.

With MAGTEC’s vehicle security and control solution, YOU are in control. You can:

  • Increase productivity and drive accountability
  • Exert full control over your fleet in real time
  • Secure your fleet
  • Cannot be overridden by ECM adjustment
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Keep insurance costs down

Amount you could save

That’s a big number. It’s how much money your company could save annually by implementing MAGTEC technology on your fleet. It’s true. Watch this short video as we lay out the business case for MAGTEC.